今日までのDESTINY CARDは9の♠️

The Nine of Spades can be a card of loss and disappointment. However, the true nature of the card reveals that its presence in your life for any period of time does not have to be a disaster. In actuality, the Nine of Spades represents making a completion of some importance. Whether this is the end of a certain occupation, way of life, or way of being with your health and body will depend upon the position of the card and the circumstances in your life at the time. But rest assured that some important aspect of your life is coming to an end when this potent card shows up.

This is also one of the death cards and indeed, when this card shows up there will be a death in your life of some kind. We go through many mini-deaths in the course of our lifetime and just like the snake shedding its skin, arrive at a new and better place each time we do so. Therefore the Nine of Spades is not a card to be feared but instead a card to be welcomed. It always has the ability to clear away all the unwanted and useless debris in our life and put us back on a new course where we are much more enlivened and satisfied.

This is a Long Range Card which is considered to be one of the most important influences of the year – a place where a lot of your attention will go.


The Four of Clubs is the card of mental satisfaction and stability. Whenever this card appears, you can bet that you will experience some mental peace for a while. Any sort of mental occupation you may be involved in will benefit from this stabilizing and practical influence.

This is a good time to make plans for the future since you are thinking clearer than ever. This card brings organizational ability and the ability to achieve a solid foundation of knowledge about a particular subject. Just watch out for a tendency towards fixed mental attitudes that might alienate you from others.

This is a Long Range Card which is considered to be one of the most important influences of the year – a place where a lot of your attention will go.

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Current 52days’ card

久々に読んでみた my card

The Five of ClubsThe Mentally and Emotionally Restless Card

‘Change of mind and plans’ is the basic meaning of the Five of Clubs. However, any five can mean change in residence or travel opportunities. Five of Clubs can also mean a restlessness that brings up a desire to explore new realms, at least on the mental level.

Whenever this card appears, it may be a signal for a change in your life. You will likely feel a dissatisfaction with things as they are and want to progress into new areas. Be open to new plans, new ideas, new places to go, etc. The only negative side of this card is an unwillingness to commit one’s self to any particular belief or philosophy.

Uranus You are currently in the Uranus 52-day period of your year. This period began on 09/30/2015 and will end on 11/21/2015.

52-day Card etc.

The Seven of Diamonds is one of the spiritual money cards. When it appears we are always confronted with how attached we are to our money and given an opportunity to experience the real prosperity that comes with an attitude of gratitude.

Whether it is about money, plans to make money, or love, situations will present themselves that test our faith in the abundance of the universe. By realizing and then releasing our fears, we can transform our attachment into total fearlessness and personal freedom.

You are currently in the Mars 52-day period of your year. This period began on 04/27/2015 and will end on 06/18/2015.

Today’s card
The Eight of DiamondsThe Sun Card

The Eight of Diamonds tells you that you will have a considerable amount of financial power. The power to make money is yours and this is power that you probably want to use for some special purpose. Financial power can come from many avenues. You could earn the money or you could borrow the money but one thing is for sure. In order to have this financial power, you will have to get very clear on how much money you want and what the purpose of having that money will be. You see, the Eight of Diamonds means focusing and concentrating our VALUES, and making choices about what is most important in our life and what is not. Through this kind of focus, money is always attracted to us in the amounts we need.

You have been alive for 19835 days!
Today is your Saturn Day, usually the hardest day of the week but also one where a lot can get accomplished if you work hard.


Happy Birthday to Me 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!

The Nine of DiamondsThe Card of Universal Values and The Giver’s Card

The Nine of Diamonds is often associated with financial losses of one kind or another but its true meaning is that of a completion in regards to some values that we have been holding. For this reason, it could be an indicator of the ending of a certain kind of work that you have been doing for a long time, or the ending of a certain pursuit. This could be the pursuit of some financial goal, some relationship, or some other ‘thing’ that is valued.

When money does seem to be lost under the Nine of Diamonds, keep in mind that this is just the preparation for a new cycle of incoming money. Sometimes we need to spend some money to stimulate more to come in.

This is a Long Range Card which is considered to be one of the most important influences of the year a place where a lot of your attention will go.

今年の課題カードTwo of Hearts 結果はAce of Heart
Reationship is the matterということ、特にlove,friendshipでmore intimacy in my life, I am willing to work for them.
結果 creative impulses are towards love, home and romance this year.
あ、。。。私には関係ないわ的に読み飛ばしたけど、こないだ運転中にチャネリングメッセージで「You will be confronted with the most difficult problem that you have never had. You will conquer it and will be a more loving person. That’s for sure. You will know abundance of the Universe. 」って言われたんだった、う’わ〜誕生日越えたらすぐだわ。。。problemてなんだろ?

The Six of Clubs The Card of Higher Purpose

The Six of Clubs is THE card of intuition. Its presence in your cards can indicate a time when your intuition will be stronger than usual. It is also the card of responsibility in speech and communications and of making compromises to maintain a peaceful surrounding. When this card shows up, situations will arise that promote bringing your life into balance and stability. Whatever is out of balance will have to be adjusted so there may be karmic debts to pay.

On a more universal level, the presence of the Six of Clubs can indicate a time when we can become aware of a special purpose in our life, something to do with sharing higher knowledge with others. It has also been called the ‘John the Baptist Card’ and the ‘Way-Shower’s Card’. Thus it can be a harbinger of an important mission for you, one which will lead you to a higher purpose and lifestyle in the spiritual sense.

This is a Long Range Card which is considered to be one of the most important influences of the year- a place where a lot of your attention will go.

プラネタリールーリングカードの今年の課題カードThree of Clubs、結果はTen of Diamonds.
Three of Clubs means working tow jobs at once or being more creative and expressive in your current line of work. Too much mental activity can cause indecision and worry, luck of focus, but this is only the case when creative aspects of energy are not being propery expressed.なるほど、being creative expressing myself is the keyですね。
結果,The result of this year’s major goals and challanges, represented by your Pluto Card will somehow involve with large sum of money or financial sucess. You may actually achieve considerable prosperity as you expand your values to include the values of these around you and your community or country. The further you expand your vision,the more you could make. This could represent taking your products and services to the public in a major way.


Message about Destiny Card Reading memo

To fully express the true nature of this card K of diamond,your cosmic reward card,you should reap what you sow,between the closest relationships,you and your spouse,you and your kids,and so on…
Few can truely experience the high octave of this card’s energy.you’ve go to look straight down your true feelings, face hard cold truth,overcome obstacles.But it is not impossible,even though many people especially who are materially oriented are going long winding roads,blocking their true feelings using 99percent of their energies,regretting what they have been through when passing away.It’s foolish but it’s true in the mandane level. Which way you choose?
Go straight ahead. God bless you.