Destiny Card Reading Books New Ver.

Robert Lee CampのDestiny Cardシリーズは辞書のように引いて愛読している占いの本ですが、New Ver.が発刊されたので買いました。

赤いのは日本のAmazonで買えましたが、 ブルーのと黄色いのは無かったので米Amazonで。黄色い本で海外shipping OKはプレミアがついててかなり値上がってました。以前のと比べてそんなに変わっていないのですが、いままで読めていなかったところがあったのがわかり、超面白い!

今回自分のlife spread cardsが目に止まり、人生の春夏秋冬にどう宇宙がサポートするか、また一生を通じての課題とrewardが読み取れるようになりました。
私の課題のカードは♡K(みじかな家族です、しかも2人います),rewardカードは♢Kーsuccessful business personのカードです、、、ぶつぶつぶつ。。。


What we reap,what we sowー自分が蒔いた種は自分で刈り取ると聞こえます。

Happy Birthday Darling

今日は奇しくも砂丘館でのHeart Window Art展初日。
この一年間のlong range cardは♡6

Heart of Six The Peacemaker Card
The Six of Hearts is a powerful influence of balance and peace in personal relationships. How it affects you will largely depend upon your current status in your love life and how responsible you have been in that area. This card will demand that all outstanding love debts be settled and will encourage you to take responsibility for your actions and words in your closest relationships. You may find that you have to make compromises and adjustments to accomplish this as well.

On a more universal level, the Six of Hearts may also reveal to you a special purpose in your life, one of helping others by sharing love with them. You may become aware of a special mission that you are to perform when this card appears. It is the card of peace and of intuitively knowing how to love others in a spiritual sense.

This is a Long Range Card which is considered to be one of the most important influences of the year- a place where a lot of your attention will go.

Happy Birthday Phoenix! 2014


今年のLong Range Cardは4of♢

The Card of Solid Values
The Four of Diamonds means a solid sense of values that attracts enough money to meet our security needs and then some. When we know exactly what it is we want, we tend to attract those things to us more quickly. Thus, when this card shows up, it usually means that we have gotten clear about what we want and then we get it. Satisfaction and prosperity are indicated here and you may have a good foundation upon which you can begin building a financial future. Managing your resources could come into focus in a greater way when this card is present and this card can give you the ability to handle financial matters with a clear mind.

This is a Long Range Card which is considered to be one of the most important influences of the year- a place where a lot of your attention will go.

Happy Birthday to Me 2014

Happy Birthday to Me 2014


今年の課題のカードPlutoは3 of ♦
This powerful influence tells us that you are striking out in one or more new directions this year.
You have an urge to be creative and to explore new ways of making money.You are in the mindst of a period of exploration of new values that could have you trying more new things than you ever have before. This could manifest as working two jobs or business at once or simply diversifying your current activities creatively.
You are challanging yourself to be more creative,versatile,and perhaps even more romantic,and this will have a strong impact on every area of your life.
With such a strong,creative force present this year,it is unlikely that you will be able to make any difinite decisions about your future until later.This can lead to some uncertainty and even worry in some cases.Financial worries are a common manifestation of this card.To best utilize this year’s influences,get creative and come up with new ideas for making money,while at the same time allowing youeself a more comlpete form of self-expression.
The more you express yourself this year,the less you will worry.After your next birthday,you will better able to settle into one direction and make a success of it.

Jupiter に7of♦
This card here is called the’Millionaire’s Card. It often indicates a great deal of money being spent,but also a lot coming in to cover it as well. If you are feeling prosperous during this period,you could attract huge amounts of money.Of course,this will not occur if your prosperous thinking is only masking an inner fear of poverty and limited resources.But the changes are good for overcoming any fear about money and realizing the ‘Lucky Seven’side of this card now.This card can also mean a large financial investment in your business or occupation for the purposes of expansion.

The Two of Clubs in this position means that you are working on your ability to communicate with others. You have a strong desire to communicate your ideas,thoughts,and opinions with others this year.There may be a special message you want to convey. A tendency to argue may be brought to your attention by those around you. Whatever the case may be, you must make changes in the way you communicate if you are to achieve harmony with others.

Long Range CardはJack of ♣The Mentally Creative Card

The Jack of Clubs tells us that you will be dealing with some very creative and youthful energies. This is one of the most mentally creative cards in the deck and as such bestows a certain amount of success. This would apply especially to those involved in mental or communications-related occupations.

Of course, the Jack of Clubs is also the Personality Card for all males of the Clubs suit so this card could represent any Clubs male that you know playing a specific role in your life. In this regard, however, it is important to note that this would be that male operating out of the Jack side of his personality. The Jack of any suit is always romantic, creative, persuasive, and youthful, but also can be irresponsible, crafty or downright dishonest. In this regard, the Jack of Clubs is no exception.

This is a Long Range Card which is considered to be one of the most important influences of the year- a place where a lot of your attention will go.


Happy Birthday Daddy

Happy Birthday

今年のLong Range Cardは10 of ♤

The Workaholic Cardだって
The Ten of Spades is one of the best cards for success and satisfaction in your work and in health, though you may also expect to work very hard when it is present. Overcoming of all obstacles in work and health are the attributes of this card.

Like the Ten of Wands in the Tarot deck, your work may often seem to be a burden under this card’s influence, or you may become obsessed with all the things that you have to do. This card can be a ‘workaholic’ kind of influence. However, if you have a list of specific goals and want to achieve them successfully, there is hardly a better card to have in your reading than this one.

This is a Long Range Card which is considered to be one of the most important influences of the year- a place where a lot of your attention will go.

市○○○会理事、県○○学術委員長、○○○副作用研究会幹事、○○病ネットワーク主催、、、雑誌の原稿を何本も抱え、学会で土日もつぶれ、それが旅行なのだと言うけれど、仕事じゃないですか。薬剤師としての知識もスキルも私は足元にも及びませんが、上昇志向は全く無いのにお金にならない肩書だらけで体壊さないか心配です、この一年はもっと? 最も53の男性が暇だったらもっと心配ですが。夫元気で留守がいいと言いますケド、もうちょっと仕事減らしてよ、と思います。。でも休みに家にいてぐうたらされてたら(そんな姿見たことないですが)嫌かなー。