Happy Birthday to Me 2013

今年の一年をDestiny Card Readingで占うと
Long range Cardは♣4
This will be a year for you of mental stability and general satisfaction in all affairs.Regardless of your occupation and interests,you will find that you are able to maintain a inner peace that tends to allow things to go the best for you time after time.
This is a very positive influence since the mind is usually the source of our problems. Any sort of mental occupation you may be involved in will benefit from this stabilizing and practical influence.
This is a good time to make plans for the future since you are thinking clearer than ever. This card brings organizational ability and the ability to achieve a solid foundation of knowledge about a particular subject. Just watch out for a tendency towards fixed mental attitudes that might alienate you from others.

Key words:A year of satisfaction in all affairs,mental stability,organization ability,and sometimes,stubbornness.

It is likely that you will be learning lessons of cooperation and compromise this year,perhaps in the context of a working partnership, a live-in partner,or a friend.There may be someone who has skills,abilities,or other assets that you need to pull off a successful business or project.Cooperation should be written across your chest as you endeavor or successfully live,work,and create with others in a big way this year.
If not cooperation,try the’Win-Win’philosophy.
You have challenged yourself to create harmonious working relationships this year,and this extends into all your relationships to some extent.
You are likely to see this as the next rung on the ladder to your dreams,a quality that you master.
You need others’ cooperation and support. It helps you multiply your own efforts and to integrate your work into the fabric of your business and social community.To achieve this goal,you will have to make some changes in your behavior or communications.Look to the Result card for more details on this effort,or to discover the card of someone that you know or will meet that you will have to integrate into your life this year.

Affirmation:I create the harmonious friendships and working relationships by learning to give and receive.

This powerful spiritual attainment guarantees that whatever the major challenges and changes of this year,represented by your Pluto Card,you will achieve success related to them and also success in any area of your life by going within for your answers and making fundamental changes yourself.Though these changes may be difficult at times,the end result will be well worth the efforts extended.
This card also is a powerful indicator that you could end up with some woman of Spades suit by your next birthday.Whether this be a friend,lover,or family member,there is a strong indicator that the two of you will be joined in some meaningful way by year’s end.

Affirmation:I become a master of myself and therefore a master of everything in my life.I share the value of service with others.


Birthday Cake 2013



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