Happy Birthday Daddy

Happy Birthday

今年のLong Range Cardは10 of ♤

The Workaholic Cardだって
The Ten of Spades is one of the best cards for success and satisfaction in your work and in health, though you may also expect to work very hard when it is present. Overcoming of all obstacles in work and health are the attributes of this card.

Like the Ten of Wands in the Tarot deck, your work may often seem to be a burden under this card’s influence, or you may become obsessed with all the things that you have to do. This card can be a ‘workaholic’ kind of influence. However, if you have a list of specific goals and want to achieve them successfully, there is hardly a better card to have in your reading than this one.

This is a Long Range Card which is considered to be one of the most important influences of the year- a place where a lot of your attention will go.

市○○○会理事、県○○学術委員長、○○○副作用研究会幹事、○○病ネットワーク主催、、、雑誌の原稿を何本も抱え、学会で土日もつぶれ、それが旅行なのだと言うけれど、仕事じゃないですか。薬剤師としての知識もスキルも私は足元にも及びませんが、上昇志向は全く無いのにお金にならない肩書だらけで体壊さないか心配です、この一年はもっと? 最も53の男性が暇だったらもっと心配ですが。夫元気で留守がいいと言いますケド、もうちょっと仕事減らしてよ、と思います。。でも休みに家にいてぐうたらされてたら(そんな姿見たことないですが)嫌かなー。


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