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The Five of ClubsThe Mentally and Emotionally Restless Card

‘Change of mind and plans’ is the basic meaning of the Five of Clubs. However, any five can mean change in residence or travel opportunities. Five of Clubs can also mean a restlessness that brings up a desire to explore new realms, at least on the mental level.

Whenever this card appears, it may be a signal for a change in your life. You will likely feel a dissatisfaction with things as they are and want to progress into new areas. Be open to new plans, new ideas, new places to go, etc. The only negative side of this card is an unwillingness to commit one’s self to any particular belief or philosophy.

Uranus You are currently in the Uranus 52-day period of your year. This period began on 09/30/2015 and will end on 11/21/2015.


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